I do love a good stop-motion!


Having struggled with what my online research was turning up. I began looking closer to home for inspiration. Recently I implemented recycling into my new student house – I was surprised at how quickly the bin filled up, even after we were recycling, both were still filled to the brim within a matter of days. Waste is the forgotten consequence of food, chosen to be unseen. The way we see waste is integral to the way society deals with it. I feel there is an element of the idea of recycling to reduce environmental impact falling on deaf ears, the movement started in the 1960s – at the same time as the universal symbol for recycling being designed by Gary Anderson – and we’re still going on about it. Our habits still need to change. There is a lot of buzz about food wastage as well at the moment. More than half the 7 million tonnes of food waste we in the UK throw away each year could have been eaten and amount of food thrown away costs the average family, with children, £60 a month.

To represent this amount of wastage in our house, I made a stop-motion animation of the items put out for recycling – slightly cleaner than dealing with the bin I felt. I would of liked to have been able to capture some time-lapse footage of the build up in the bin, unfortunately I do not have access to the equipment to do this.

I used this as an opportunity to continue work for VisLit Task 1 as well – I use different bits and bobs of technology in my work all the time and this was investigating a different process.

Screen grab from Video
Click to watch on Vimeo.

Made entirely on iPad Mini.
Apps: CameraAwesome

Accessories: Remote Shutter
iPad Stand

Process: Set up all packaging on table, arranged so that everything could been seen in the shots.
One-by-one removed items of packaging.
Used ‘CameraAwesome’ App along with my remote shutter to take images after each piece was removed. Remote shutter enabled me to stay out of shot and not risk moving the iPad between shots.
Used ‘StopMotion’ for post-production, importing photos easily in-app from Camera Roll. After, copied frames and pasted in reverse (functions available in the app). Applied a ‘fade in’ and ‘fade out’ transition. Set frame rate to 8fps – app offers from 1fps to 30fps.
Exported video in HD – 1080 format back to my Camera Roll. Other options are available; uploading straight to YouTube, in a Instagram suitable format and even as animated GIFs.

‘StopMotion’ also allows for photos to be taken and used straight in the editing section, providing a ‘ghost image’ for assisting continuity. My remote shutter doesn’t currently work with this app so I was unable to use this function. Also the position I had to set the iPad up in the kitchen led to little benefit of the ‘ghost image’ as I could not see the screen easily.

This was a really useful and quick way for me to do something active towards my project and get some visuals underway. The video is simple and effective.

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