Dinner Time at Quarry Mount Terrace

I thought it would be a simple and interesting experiment to capture what went on in my student kitchen. I was made aware of this camera and firmware that the university photography studio have that can be set up to capture time lapse photography. I was please about this because I had previously discounted this form of photography because I myself didn’t have the technology to do it.

Canon 1100D with Magic Lantern firmware installed, it is an experimental firmware – not the easiest to use.

On my first attempt I set the camera up in the corner on top of the cupboards and set the camera to silently take pictures every 4 seconds. Then left it to see what I would capture. At one point during the evening some body noticed the camera and my plan to record what was going on with out my housemate knowing (I wanted people to act natural – but was going to tell them after) was ruined. However I was quite impressed with how long it had been up there before they did notice. They soon forgot about it as well. Unfortunately though the camera hadn’t been taking any pictures.

I did some investigating as to why that might be and spoke to the technicians for advice. We came to the conclusion that the 1100D camera did not have sophisticated enough software – it is Canon’s entry level camera – to work on the settings that allowed the pictures to be taken silently, i.e. with out the shutter going off.

My housemate graciously agreed to act as normal as possible in the kitchen to allow me to have a second attempt – this time with the shutter on. We put music and with the oven and extractor fan on whilst we were cooking you couldn’t hear it anyway and the camera was forgotten about.

I enjoyed playing around with Magic Lantern and it was very interesting to use technology that isn’t completely problem free, it is developed and paid for by freelance developers and artists and on their website they take donations for the project. It is not something that is approved by Canon and they warn you that there could be risks to your camera, for these reasons I won’t be installing it on my own camera but for future reference I know the university has one if I ever want to use this method again.

Dinner Time at Quarry Mount Terrace on Vimeo
Dinner Time at Quarry Mount Terrace on Vimeo

This is the end result of my second attempt. Post-production done in Premiere pro, used cross fade transitions on the stills to give the video more flow. I would like to have audio on it, as with a lot of my stop-motion footage but this is a gap in my skill set I am yet to fill but aim to get advice on.

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