John Edmark. Blooms: Strobe-Animated Sculptures

Video on Vimeo here.

“Mathematical precision is an essential ally in my goal of achieving clarity.” John Edmark, Artist Statement.

Blooms, 3-D printed sculpture. By John Edmark. Spun and animated when under strobe lighting. For purposes of video a very quite shutter speed was used to recreate this effect.
Blooms, 3-D printed sculpture. By John Edmark. Spun and animated when under strobe lighting. For purposes of video a very quite shutter speed was used to recreate this effect.

3-D printed sculptures by John Edmark designed to animate under strobe lighting.

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Task 5 – Meal Inspired by a Film.

View from the top over Leeds
View from the top over Leeds

I was inspired by the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, my Granny was the first person to show me this film, so it brings me fond memories. I know she likes it because it is one of the most memorable films she has seen, mostly because of Audrey Hepburn’s performance as Holly Golightly but also because of the soundtrack, Moon River being her favourite. Both of these have in turn become my favourite parts of the film.

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Task 1. Do some networking (look at local networks)

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In terms of networking on a local scale I have joined the Leeds Visual Art Forum mailing list, this will keep me informed of local opportunities and events.

As well as this I have joined the waiting list for a very popular event at home in Bristol, the North Bristol Art Trail. Held on the last weekend of November every year, it is the most popular of the Bristol art trails. It has been running for 13 years and is open to new and established artists – it’s ever growing popularity has meant that the waiting list to exhibit as part of the weekend is now a few years long. Hence my pre-emptivity in joining now, in the hope that by the time I’m back in bristol in 2016 I will be near the top of the list.

Leaflets and map from 2014 trail
Leaflets and map from 2014 trail

Task 3 – Volunteer. The People’s Republic of Stoke Croft.

Stokes Croft is an area in Bristol that holds great importance to me; I went to school just outside the area, I regularly pass through on my way in and out of town and my friends and I have been using the services and taking part in events held there since our early teens. It is this place that for a multitude of reasons had significant impact on my interests, as well as the decision to further study, Art and Design. There is a strong independent vibe to Stokes Croft due to the shops, businesses and the population. It is this independence that fuelled the riots against Tesco’s invasion into the area.

"Think Local" mural in support of the "No Tesco" campaign.
“Think Local” mural in support of the “No Tesco” campaign.

Further reading: The Independent’s article and the Bristol Post’s.

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Task 2 – Listen to Desert Island Disks

Initially I was not that keen on this task – say the words Radio 4 to me and the first thing I think of is, sitting at the dinner table as a child with my parents and being “shhh’d” everytime I opened my mouth to speak because I was interrupting The Archers. Why we couldn’t eat earlier I do not know – this being in a time before iPlayer – but these memories have induced a life long grudge against the radio station. But I did always enjoy the relaxed tone of the Desert Island Disk programs, these ones were not a silents listening experience, even if the songs played always went over my head. So a little exploration into the episodes available on the now existent iPlayer and found that perhaps it is time for me to put the hard feelings aside – there were a few names I recognised; Steve McQueen, Ed Miliband, Malorie Blackman and Sarah Millican to name a few. I’m not about to turn into The Archers’ number one fan, but I may tune in once in a while to the odd DID show or catch up with them at my own pace.

I’ve listen to a few, one that I really enjoyed was John Bishop’s from 2012, he’s a comedian who I would probably class in my favourites, so it was interesting to find out how he came to the profession and hear a personal view on his background. Quite a different interpretation from what a Google search turns up.

Out of the songs John picked I knew only the first: The Beatles – I saw her standing there. But surprised myself in recognising a couple of the others, David Bowie’s Lets Dance and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama. I’ve never been very good at remembering artists or song names – the music is always captured by my brain rather anything word related.

Listening to this got me thinking about some of the tracks I might take to a desert island with me – Lionel Richie’s All Night Long would definitely be on the list, this song always gets my best friend and I bopping around the room, or the street, or in the taxi. Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Greenday is a song from my childhood and even though I’ve moved away from Greenday as the years have gone by, it brings fond memories of messing around after school when life was perhaps a little less complicated. I’d have to have some songs that reminded me of family out there with me, so The Boarderers’, Bootscootin’ Woman would be coming with me. I saw this band with my Aunt and Granny at the age of 5 on a trip to stay with my Aunt in Australia  and have been dancing around to there music every since. I’m not one to listen to music as I sleep, finding it more distracting than soothing but in time when I need to quite down the thoughts pinging round my brain I turn to Daley, being on a desert island probably means theres going to be a few rough days – perhaps when the sun tanning doesn’t go so well – Daley’s Smoking Gun would be perfect for these situations.

I am almost reluctant to create a definitive list, feeling that life, hopefully, has a lot more experiences to throw at me and that music will come and go through out these events. Songs and artists moving in and out of importance to me.