Calligraphy is something that my Granny has been interested in for many years, she was taking lessons at one point. It definitely reminds me of her, and she always signs cards, that she has hand-made, in calligraphy, more often than not with her initials. For these reasons I wanted to learn myself as something to incorporate into the scarf designs. IMG_6315 IMG_6314

I have been watching tutorials on YouTube to learn techniques, these take you through how to do basic different letters.

After this I began playing around with names of family members and friends as well as my Granny’s initials.

IMG_6322 copy IMG_6319 copy IMG_6320 IMG_6318

Began combining the Calligraphy with my cloud photos as they were both ideas present on my mood board.

IMG_6317 IMG_6316

CCA Workshop

I have come up with three ideas to present at the workshop, all tackling my brief from a slightly different angel.

First;IMG_6311 copy

Bins with visuals on that give examples of the effects of throwing things away to go to landfill compared with the positive effects of recycling the waste. Also incorporating WRAP’s recycling iconography. I have concerns over how I would take this images – a lot of the negative impacts of landfill aren’t easily seen – birds eating plastic that they’ve mistaken for foods isn’t a regular sight in my local area.

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John Lewis Package


Screenshot 2015-04-11 18.18.14
Unpacking Video



My John Lewis package arrived today, it was quite an exciting process, they use DPD to deliver their goods and you have access to a service that lets you track your parcel from departing the depot, through its journey around in the van as all the other parcels are being delivered. You are given quite a precise time slot as to when it will be your turn. This all builds up the arrival of your order.

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Bins/Recycling Research

I have been looking in “The Design Book” by Phaidon at how bins have been made over the years. 

The ‘original’ Galvanised Metal Dustbin, was required to be able to withstand weathering as it lived outside and rubbish was transferred from containers indoors to this outside storage. Nowadays collection technology have greatly moved on, the process being largely automated and so a different design is needed, as well as this developments in material technology has enabled bins to be made out of strong plastic making them lighter and move manoeuvrable whilst still being protected against the weather.

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Briefs for Live

CCA – to inspire greater use of recycling bins by the public. 

The reason behind this brief is because even though environmental issues are widely known and in the UK recycling systems are in place in both public and at private homes there is still a reluctance to participate and a need of innovation to change the attitude of society.

Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire, each home has to organise its rubbish into nine boxes, bags and bins.

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Live Module

Having been briefed on the live module I have done mind-mapped to get my initial thoughts out and about.

Initial Mindmap
First Mind-map

I am excited about the prospect of the Live brief because I know I need to get my confidence back, moving from Fine Art to VisCom was only half the journey, and try to define to myself and others what my practice is, at the moment I know I enjoy working through my camera and computer and definitely feel Digital technologies are my strong point, but would like more definition for myself in terms of the processes I use. Whilst making the mind map above I was really trying to consider all my options, using e-studio to make myself aware of competitions and opportunities that I might be interested in and that I could take on as briefs for this project.

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Health4All Partnership

For my Responsive Module I am working in a small group with Fran, Amelia and Vicky. This is in partnership with Health4All, a “community health development organisation” that aims to “engage and improve disadvantaged communities” in Leeds. As a group we are working “with” The Bridge, Health4All’s Adult Learning Disability group based at Holbeck Community Centre, providing support for their Thursday morning Art class which is run by members of  East Street Arts . The aim for our collaboration is a Puppet Show based around the book Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.


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