CCA Final Submission

This is my final version of the pdf I am going to submit for the CCA brief. Along with these words.

Creative Conscience Awards – Open Brief


Interactive Bins – in the form of classic games to create an enjoyable experience situated in public spaces. To change society’s experience with the disposal of waste by the increase of involvement in the recycling process.


Interactive Bins hopes to promote greater engagement in the waste disposal process, encouraging a change in attitude towards the use of recycling systems, to counter act the negative outputs of our highly consumer society and largely throw away culture. The use of classic games, fun and friendly visuals looks to break down the barrier that recycling is a chore, as well as providing a source of entertainment and conversation starter within society. The games focus around recycling Cans in the giant “Connect 4” game, Plastic at the Bullseye and Food in the Worm Farm. Further ideas for interactive bins could be based around games such as “Whack-A-Mole”, Penny Arcade Machines, Pinball, Basketball or the Strongman Fairground Game.

Aluminium Cans when recycled can be back on the shelves within 60 days and aluminium itself energy intensive to produce, Plastic drinks bottles can be recycled to make other plastic items such as traffic cones or compost bins and any food that is stopped from going to landfill decrease the amount of methane being produced when it struggles to decompose.

We as a consumer society, use resources at an alarming rate – according to the WWF the United Kingdom alone uses three times the planets natural resources. Global Warming and how it has potential to drastically affect everyone is a widely known issue, however a study by National Geographic shows, those in countries that use the most of the world’s resources feel the least amount of guilt towards doing so, along with this in 2014, 52% of Britons felt that Global Warming presented little threat to them and in the USA a figure of 60%. With these kinds of attitudes it is imperative to introduce innovative ways to change the publics perspective on the importance of recycling.

final pg1

final pg2

PDF layouts

Testing out different PDF layouts, also just found out that the deadline has been extended into April. I am still going to aim to submit mine before that as I am 98% finished, the extension is just going to give me time to make doubley sure I am happy with my submission.

CCA PDF entry






I wanted my Connect4 bin on the first page and then the other two bins as my ‘backup’/further developments on the second page. I prefer to have the in situ pictures along side the bins, and also to have the bins on a colour background as I think this helps them standout and be eye catching for the designers assessing the competition.

Connect4, Targets and a Wormary

It has only just come to my attention/I have only just fully understood this brief, in that it is really only looking for an innovative idea, presented simply and that I don’t need to be doing too much in the way of considering how the designs would be realised. I think I was confused by the amount of time we were given for this brief and took it on as a full scale design project and this is why I struggled quite a lot originally, this has been a learning curve for me.

I have simplified the Connect4 design.


Also developed the Target bin as well as designing a bin for food to be recycled in based around the idea of a worm farm/compost bin. I have used the same simple instruction idea on these bins as well as in terms of presentation style. I have still put the bins in situ as I like the context it gives and feel it makes the designs more visually interesting.  Continue reading Connect4, Targets and a Wormary

Developing Interactive Bins

Really liked the idea of developing the Can bin I have designed into a game based around Connect4. I have gone back to SketchUp to design this. c41

I have added the textures, Cans and text on Photoshop again. The colour version needs a little clearing up and I think the in situ versions could have some people in actually using the bins. There is a lever on the side of the bin so the cans can be cleared after a game, theses would drop down into the metal container below ready for collection (as mentioned in the text on the bin, along with instructions to the user as well as some facts about how recycling aluminium), the red and yellow bins at each side are again for excess cans and also to give the bin more of a Connect4 feel.


Live Crit and CCA workshop

Jumped on opportunity to get lots of different opinions from the two tutors and a wider selection of students.

Interactive bin ideas went down really well, was told the target bin looked like a flower, I think the point of the wings being to stop the recyclables missing the bin was missed as I was told to consider people missing and how it would effect the design, this clearly needs development. Suggestions were to consider how the bins could be used as a game – idea of using Connect4 as inspiration for a bin. In the afternoon workshop I asked for some other suggestions for games to turn into bins, things like the penny slot machines were mentioned so I am going to do some more research to see how this might be achievable. I did not get much suitable feedback for the summary and description that I am required to submit with the project as the versions I have at the moment are really set up for the previous visual work I was doing.

Also showed my Love Arts cover designs, balloon idea was really liked, especially the development into a potential festival event. So need to get cracking with ordering balloons. I am not sure about the suggestion to contact the Love Arts organisers to ask for funding for getting the logo printed on to the balloons, as the brief is kind of a competition and they haven’t selected my design yet.

Feeling pretty positive after this crit, there is a lot of work to do in a short space of time but I am much more confident about this direction for this CCA brief.

Interactive Bins

These designs are the first digital realisations of a couple of my very initial ideas for this bin brief. IMG_1835

I decided to use a program called SketchUp to help me design these as the tools on Illustrator and Photoshop did not offer me the right capabilities, in terms of 3D and perspective, as well as my own skill set in these programs not being in this area of design.

SketchUp allowed me to quickly produce high quality looking designs that comprehensively showed my intentions of the design.  Continue reading Interactive Bins