Love Arts Cover Design

This is the final image for the Love Arts cover brief.

I have also done a quick mock up of this image with the necessary text, we have not been asked to submit this but I wanted to do it to double check that it worked visually.

I am very please with the outcome of this brief. It has come a long way from my original ideas, both because one way really graphic and because the other (this idea) felt like quite a difficult task to take on. I have really enjoyed it, acquiring and setting up the props needed, thinking and testing out the photoshoot, then getting some really decent images and being able to deliver something almost exactly as I imagined.

2 balloons Final Programme Cover text

Playing around with other life elements for design inspiration

Struggling a little with designs I have been producing I have decided to focus on different elements of my Granny’s life. This led me to doing a Google search for imagery of smoke, as my Granny once had to smoke on stage for a part she was playing and this is a story I remember her telling on multiple occasions.

smoke white

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Scarf Designs and Feedback


Began by taking design based up my VRG (Granny’s initials) calligraphy, cleaning up the scan on photoshop and then rotating and repeating the design. I did this because I knew the scarves were going to be square and from my research and own personal experience scarves often have a central point where the design comes out from.

VRG to edit2

Used some of my water colour experiments as a background to this, also rotating them and using filters such as Soft Light, Overlay and Vivid light to build up an effect.

watercolour VRG over layed small only mock up

Then used a clipping mask to only reveal this in certain parts of the design.

I like the way that this incorporates elements from my Granny’s life, elements of traditional scarf design as well as my own digital skills. with whitewatercolour VRG over layed small only mock up with whitewatercolour VRG MOTIFS

Tried to fill the white space with other life elements, scottish dancing movements and liquorice all sorts sweets, this was less successful and I am a bit stuck with where to take this design.

Crit feedback suggested this was too busy and abstract, however this is my style and although I appreciate it might be too busy I am not keen to go down the route of simple literal illustrations.

Finalising Balloon Image for Cover

Feedback on the balloon images:

I went forward and showed the two cover images that clearly focus around the balloons in my group crit. I asked the question – Which would of the two images is better as a cover design?

Points raised were; the white logo stands out better however a slight amount of editing is still required to make the photoshopping more subtle, the image with the six balloons has much more of a feeling of release but the image with two balloons has a better composition for the cover as it allows more room for the necessary text to be added.

Therefore this is the image I am going to submit once I have edited the logos.