New Live Project Briefs

Now the CCA brief is out the way I am cracking on with other briefs for Live.

Love Arts Cover Brief – the idea is to photograph heart shaped balloons in the sky then photoshop the Love Arts Logo on to them. I have already received the heart balloons I ordered along with the red ribbon – all biodegradable – although the plan has changed slightly since I first pitched the idea in a crit. I am not going to actually release the balloons, as this would only give me moments to capture photographs, instead I will set them up so it will look as that have been released. To do this I have ordered fishing line which I will attach to each balloon along with the red ribbon but the fishing line will be tied/anchored down. The red ribbon will be loose so that it should give the impression that the balloons are floating off, I will also make different lengths of fishing line to help this effect. I am still waiting for the helium to arrive but this is expected on Thursday and when this does I am going to fill one balloon and take it to different locations for test shots.

Scarf Brief – This is one of the briefs that I dropped before Easter due to work load but was very keen to pick it back up again.


To produce a material item(s) as a memento for an octogenarian which incorporates aspects and memories of her life.


Client to provide information of family and historical nature which has taken place during the lifetime. 

This should then be sifted and adapted for production of material item.

Research skills and produce samples/mood board required to produce material item.

Discuss initial proposals with Client before selecting events/items to display pictorially on the material item.

Put forward and agree Planning Timescales for the lifespan of the project from initial planning to final production with interim client/client’s representative reviews at milestone points.

Provide budget costs for single and multiple print runs.


This item should portray an overall celebration of lifetime events. The artist has wide scope to present a variety of events in a challenging and experimental manner which is unusual, interesting and personal, using material and colour that provoke inspiration.


Project timetable

Research findings

Budget costs

Final pieces



Initial Designs 24th April

Research outcomes 30th April

Budget costs and Confirm Final Designs 4th May

Final piece 14th May

I am excited by this brief and have been doing more research for it, mostly secondary but have begun my primary research too. This is information sent to me by the client to help me gather visual research:

Vivien Ruth Gilmore, neè Barnard

  • Born 18 March 1931 in Exeter, Devon
  • Parents John Harington Barnard born 13 July 1896 died October 1978 and Ruth Gwendoline Barnard neè Hall born 1899 died December 1946
  • Brother Michael Harington Barnard, born 21 August 1924

Lived Exeter, Exmouth, Parkstone until left home

  • Educated St Hubert’s Parkstone and Parkstone Grammar School gaining School Certificate with credits (equivalent to uni entry)

Lived through the Second World War 1939-1945 in Parkstone where she remembers the bridge over the ornamental lake in Poole Park being bombed, and the sweetie shop, German planes firing their guns down Poole High Street and having to evacuate the cinema several times on one afternoon for air raids. Lived in the Bank House in Parkstone.

Worked with West of England Theatre Company, many leading young lady roles, eg Johnny Belinda, Importance of Being Ernest, Tinderbox plus chorus in Cinderella at Bristol Hippodrome (“speaking” role)

Also shop assistant in Selfridges.

Married Ian Gilmore, recently of Cameron Highlander Regiment, 9 June 1956

Worked for Dr Barnardos (“Married six weeks and already got family of 36 boys” quotation in local paper)

  • Katharine Ruth Gilmore born 3 December 1957
  • Iain Angus Barnard Gilmore born 31 October 1959
  • Sarah Margaret Gilmore born 2 April 1968

Lived in Wiltshire, Exmouth, Stanley Perthshire, 31 years in Glengarry Inverness-shire, and Bristol

Worked in Tomdoun Hotel, Invergarry Filling Station, Women’s Royal Voluntary Service. Ran Tomdoun Hotel for 1976 Summer season which included cooking dinner for 36 each evening. Looked after elderly lady.


  • Christopher Brinca Gilmore 21 February 1991
  • Eleanor Ruth Edwards 16 September 1993
  • Torin Jamie Gilmore Jenkins 6 June 2003
  • Finn Murray Gilmore Jenkins 2 May 2005

Famous for

  • Chocolate cakes, scones, pancakes and home baking, roast venison, slow cooked casseroles, soup
  • Production of Sound of Music for Stanley SWRI (Scottish Women’s Rural Institute)
  • Tawny Owl with Stanley Brownies
  • Speeding ticket in Fort Augustus
  • Running Scottish Dancing Classes
  • Her interesting and different hand made greetings cards
  • Interest in Queen Victoria
  • Eye for colour, particularly as remembers the dull array available during her childhood in the war. Always envious of the wide selection Granddaughter had available to her
  • Love of scarves, especially in silk, even more so if they are “pinched” off her Granddaughter
  • Coming up trumps, Not being defeated and Generally always being right

Personal Highlights

  • Getting her School Cert as she got a new bike
  • Acting
  • Seeing the colours on Capri
  • Her work with WRVS
  • Friendships in Glengarry
  • Her grandchildren
  • Going to Australia in 1999
  • Her flat in Bristol
  • Her bus pass and the freedom it gives her

Secondary Research into scarves and imagery based upon events that stood out to the client and myself from the intended users lifetime.

  • IMG_6355
    Granny would like the two scarfs on the left, the abstract imagery especially in the top one

    IMG_6356 copy IMG_6357 copy IMG_6358 IMG_6359 IMG_6360 IMG_6361 IMG_6362

Initial Responses to Research, also some experiments with media – ink and watercolour.

Playing around with ink, using a colour palette picked for the user
Using ink again, inspired my cloud photography, trying to create “smudgey colours”
Quick design inspired by sweets, Liquorice Allsorts and Pear Drops.
IMG_6368 copy
Initial quick design. Again using colour palette of reds, pinks, blues and purples. Based upon bicycle wheel.
IMG_6369 copy
Watercolour, inspired by red theatre curtains.
Unfinished design, using Calligraphy style writing of initials and expanding the design from that. Ink and Watercolour skill level lets the design down but I like the design and the way it flows, have also worked in bicycle wheels and some typical scarf motifs.
Digital work based around users initials, drew out letters by hand, scanned in and then used Photoshop to repeat and overlay on each other and cloud photos.
Initials, repeated. I think its really successful how the have worked into a pattern.

Plenty more to do on this scarf design but so far so good I feel.

Logo Design – Rhinestone Crystals NI

Rhinestone Crystals – small up and coming business selling handmade accessorises mostly for hair and shoes for young Irish Dancers. Also sells other items for dancers such as personalised bags and offers customising of dresses. At the moment it is an online business, selling to Northern Ireland and Ireland but also have global customers, mostly from USA. Owner is in the process of expanding the business with a formal website and potentially a shop.


– Logo

  • For use on packaging and website
  • Colour version and Black and White

Client Requirements

  • Script Type
  • Possibly integration of illustrations of some of the products – illustrated/hand drawn look

Initial thoughts

  • Crystals, fragmentation
  • Audience, young girls and their parents – mostly mothers?
  • Colours; Silver, Gold, Blue, Pink
  • Shoes would be a good product for logo, also the crystals.

Initial quick ideas on layout and script:

IMG_1675 IMG_4048

Client has sent me some photos of the products to help with the design, these are useful and have familiarised me more with their brand as well as this I have looked on there Facebook page where they currently sell the products from.

Building on my initial idea of using the shoes with the brand written on the buckle I have asked the client for specific photographs of the buckles on the shoes with the wearer doing some of the foot positions commonly used in Irish dancing – I didn’t have much success finding examples of this on the internet. This is so I can illustrate from them – all dancers would recognise the foot positions so this would help confirm the company’s identity.

Shoe buckles:

IMG_1997 copy IMG_1998 copyIMG_2002 copy

Other products:

IMG_1999 copy

IMG_2001 copy

Hair Accessories:

IMG_2004 copy IMG_2005 copy IMG_2006 copy IMG_2007 copy IMG_2008 copy

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