Feedback and Second Meeting

Tom really liked our idea, he felt that the theme being ‘the handmade’ really suited the window being at Fabrication.

He asked us to think about how we would make the theme more obvious to the public. How would we communicate to them that handmade items and craft was therapeutic.

Perhaps we needed to use a figure in the space or words.

He liked the idea of Order through to Chaos.


From this we decided to have another meeting to try to better define our plans. We ended up going backwards a bit and almost coming up with new ideas, based around the same theme. We came full circle and decided back on our original idea of having one side of the window being really busy it gradually getting more ordered, using handmade items that weren’t very distinguished on the busy side and clear, finished pieces on the other side.

We have decided to incorporate the sentence “it all makes sense in the end” into the window to show how the handmade is relating to mental wellbeing.

Idea 4, chosen idea.
chosen idea sketch, bottom left.

I am not sure this idea really does what Tom has asked, and I feel there is a lack on enthusiasm to consider how and what the window will communicate in relation to mental health. Unfortunately this is one of the problems of group work, as it has to be a collaboration of ideas, and when not everyone agrees someone is always left unsure. I think an element of this lack of enthusiasm is due to stress and workload from other Live projects and the proximity of the deadline.

I hope that, as this project will continue in to PPP3, we as a group will be able to up our game a bit and produce a high quality window display as this is something I am really excited for. But at the moment I am not sure my group is considering the audience fully.


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