Issue with shooting on location.

I can not do the idea of having person walk through different locations because it would require equipment like a huge tracking dolly and be able to have a space wide enough to get a decent about of the location in shot.

Filming this on a green screen with a person in a blue suit so I could key out both bits, one for the locations and one for the visual to go on the suit, Also requires a lot of equipment.

I have evolved my idea into this. Using hangers to show different clothes. person walks past, in suit, selects something on their phone then the clothes on the hanger appear on the person. Basically showing that through an app you control the suit to look like whatever clothes you want. The Suit would still be done using green screen technology. storyboard to solve location problem.jpgpotential storyboard to solve location problem 2.jpg

Idea for Advert

Idea for Advert.

Person in green suit, visuals super imposed on it.

Film person walking in different locations. Suit changes pattern as it happens. Advert will appear as though person walks through different places by stitching locations together. Person stays centre of screen.

At the end, multiple shots come up, showing different people in different locations.

location storyboard sketch.jpg