Love Arts Cover Design, Selection

By the looks of things Tom is interested in using my image for the festival, but over in York. He has contacted me and asked me whether it is possible to change the colours of the balloons. This should be pretty easy to do but I want to have a play around first before I commit to it. Tom Email Tom Emails

Feedback and Second Meeting

Tom really liked our idea, he felt that the theme being ‘the handmade’ really suited the window being at Fabrication.

He asked us to think about how we would make the theme more obvious to the public. How would we communicate to them that handmade items and craft was therapeutic.

Perhaps we needed to use a figure in the space or words.

He liked the idea of Order through to Chaos.


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Critical awareness/Problem Analysis

I feel as though my creative practice is leading me to being an entrepreneur or a career as an artist, I have so far been unable to find a design studio that I feel I would fit into. In doing research for work placements and in the interview it became clear to me I am not interested in being a Digital Designer as this is not how I use my technical skills. Even when researching for design agencies and studios that have a sustainable or ethical focus (Yoke) I didn’t find anything that fitted the bill. However even though I feel as though I might not fit into your standard design agency (I still need to keep researching) I do enjoy working to a brief over exploring a method or medium and total artistic expression.

‘Going it alone’ and following the route of being a Digital Artist will involve a lot of hard work and I will still need to gain as much work experience as possible. I think this means that I don’t have to limit myself too much as to the kind of opportunities I look for, as even working for a design agency will give be business experience, especially is if is small I can work closely with the founders. However I have identified artist Chuck Elliot who has a similar style to myself and works digitally and I plan to contact him to see if there is any experience gaining opportunities he can offer me.

This Guardian article about internships and working in the creative industry was useful, if a little outdated, on what to expect from unpaid and paid internships.

Over the summer and in preparation for Level 6 I plan to research and experiment with materials for my COP3 project where I have outlined working with textiles and surface pattern. I have two strong interests, digital technology and the skills and aesthetics that come with this and on the contextual side, my passion for sustainability and the environment. I need to find a way to combine these two interests. I am considering more use of recyclable materials as resource materials for digital design as well as projection on to recycling or the environment.


I have really enjoyed the Live module and working in connection with clients (My scarf designs and logo design) and the competition briefs (CC Awards and Love Arts Cover) were a way of working that I had not experienced before – having a limited time to explain my projects in few images to the judges. This has helped me improve my time management and working process as it has required planning and more frequent (self-initiated) deadlines. I have had to become more critical about my own work, what and how it communicates, by asking peers advice and opinions and gaining a broader understanding of my audience.

Working with clients has made me aware of how clear communications need to be, especially as my client communication were mostly e-commerce, and that I need to set out clear requirements to them in terms of what/when and how I can do what they are asking.


I have made a website as part of the Live module and to show my portfolio of work at the interview. I would also like to sort out some business cards promoting myself as a Digital Artist.

Presentation of scarves

The scarves have come back fantastically. I wanted to be able to present them in a sophisticated way. Therefore I found a scarf box, unfortunately I couldn’t find a black one, so had to cover the lid in black paper as I did not want someone else surface pattern detracting from my own designs.
All3scarves 6M5A0420 6M5A0434 6M5A0455

I also made a band to go around this on InDesign, with a branding element on it, this is not a branding I want to carry forward but unfortunately I have not had time to produce a proper one and I am still not quite sure what to brand myself as.

IMG_6402 IMG_6398

Send Design Development

I have developed this design, by duplicating the maps and the smoke brushes. As well as putting a radial gradient on the background, using a darker colour palette than on the bicycle scarf to give a different more elegant feel. I think the gives the scarf an evening wear appearance. I also used the gradient in a light colour palette on the brushes layer.

2Maps expanded gradient over chalk 2

Final Designs off too print

SCOTTISH DANCING BRUSHO 2Maps expanded gradient over chalk 2 Sections divide better blue guassain

My three final designs that I will get printed on to silk habotai, as this is a sheer light fabric so it is appropriate for scarves.

I will get a colour test first to check everything is okay as there can be difference between on screen viewing and printing. I didn’t realised they would just print a small version of the print so I had started to remove the colours from the designs with the eyedropper tool on to a new psd. COLOUR TESTS COLOURS

Using brusho in photoshop for scarf design

brusho scottish dancing

Decided to combine the brusho work I had done with the scottish dancing movements as they have a visual quality that I like, with their symmetry, they make good patterns. It took a little playing around to the the movements into a pattern that worked, I used similar techniques to before, duplicating layers and rotating them before interlinking the layers.

I also experimented with different sections of the brusho work, in the end going to quite a small square that I worried would pixilate when I enlarged it, but due to the high resolution as well as the blurry appearance this did not happen.

I now have my third and final design. This one differs from the other two in that the ‘busy-ness’ and more of the abstraction in the the background rather than the foreground. This provides a nice contrast. I enjoy the intricacies of some parts of the pattern compared with the central point, which actually looks like a flower an unintentional nod to a lot of pattern designs that are based around florals as well as a happy accident in the fact they my Granny loves flowers.


Bicycles Developed

Because none of the background methods I had been trying were working. I decided to go back and use a blue background like I had done on previous work as well as incorporating the liquorice layer into the clipping mask. I then tried out different filters such as vivid light, overlay and divide to change the blue I also split the design into segments from the centre point and complied new layers in a new psd document. Below is a selection of the different outcomes.

secontions dup 60degs

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