Initial research and where it’s led…

I love a good mind map to get the brain thinking about a topic, also the workshop Marianne ran after the briefing was helpful when being introduced to the project – a more active version of a mind map.

Initial Food Mind Map
Initial Food Mind Map

I began by researching two food issues that stood out for me, milk price cuts and the fetishisation of food. Mainly reading news articles, blog posts (see reading list and orange folder) as well as making my own observations.

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VisLit Task 1 Evaluation

At this stage I haven’t explored many new areas of practice,  I took part in a screen printing workshop which also included Foiling and then a Cinema 4D animation workshop. Both areas I stated in my action plan.

Practices I am yet to develop on are digital printing and audio/visual technologies. With my research for task 2 going the way it is at the moment I expect to be able to continue my development of skills. I enjoyed not having to focus on the output in the screen printing workshop – because it wasn’t involved with a particular theme – however moving forward the influence of the Food and the City brief will allow for more direction and purpose when it comes to expanding my tool box of skills.

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Cinema 4D workshop

This was a very interesting workshop. I enjoy stop-motion animation, mostly with objects not illustrations. So learning about a piece of software that can create almost any 3D object and move it within a space was something I had no real knowledge about. I’m not sure how I would incorporate this software use into any work I am currently working on, but for the future it is something to be considered.

I made notes and took some videos during the workshop, unfortunately I can’t upload them too my blog.


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VisLit – Task 2 – Reading List