Love Arts York

For one of my Live projects last year I took part in the Love Arts Leeds festival programme cover design competition. My design did not get chosen for the Leeds festival, however I was contacted by Tom Bailey, of Arts & Mind, wondering if it would be possible to change the colour scheme of my image to be used as the Love Arts York festival. I blogged about our initial exchanges for the development of the brief here. I stated there that I would play around with the ideas and colours to see what could be done – which I did.  Continue reading Love Arts York

Love Arts Cover Design, Selection

By the looks of things Tom is interested in using my image for the festival, but over in York. He has contacted me and asked me whether it is possible to change the colours of the balloons. This should be pretty easy to do but I want to have a play around first before I commit to it. Tom Email Tom Emails

Feedback and Second Meeting

Tom really liked our idea, he felt that the theme being ‘the handmade’ really suited the window being at Fabrication.

He asked us to think about how we would make the theme more obvious to the public. How would we communicate to them that handmade items and craft was therapeutic.

Perhaps we needed to use a figure in the space or words.

He liked the idea of Order through to Chaos.


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Love Arts Cover Design

This is the final image for the Love Arts cover brief.

I have also done a quick mock up of this image with the necessary text, we have not been asked to submit this but I wanted to do it to double check that it worked visually.

I am very please with the outcome of this brief. It has come a long way from my original ideas, both because one way really graphic and because the other (this idea) felt like quite a difficult task to take on. I have really enjoyed it, acquiring and setting up the props needed, thinking and testing out the photoshoot, then getting some really decent images and being able to deliver something almost exactly as I imagined.

2 balloons Final Programme Cover text

Finalising Balloon Image for Cover

Feedback on the balloon images:

I went forward and showed the two cover images that clearly focus around the balloons in my group crit. I asked the question – Which would of the two images is better as a cover design?

Points raised were; the white logo stands out better however a slight amount of editing is still required to make the photoshopping more subtle, the image with the six balloons has much more of a feeling of release but the image with two balloons has a better composition for the cover as it allows more room for the necessary text to be added.

Therefore this is the image I am going to submit once I have edited the logos.

Editing Balloons

Whilst viewing and selecting my images on Adobe Bridge I noticed that a series of my test shots actually worked really well together as the balloon seemed to travel in an arc. Even though these were the images I had planned on editing I did spend a little time working with them, putting them together in a series. Then I tried out ways to turn it into a portrait image because I was keeping the outcome, the programme, in mind.

Screenshot 2015-05-06 09.40.11
Images in Bridge



tall dup flip warp

The attempts to turn the picture portrait weren’t particularly successful, either because the images looked too photoshopped or the series affect was lost.

Therefore I moved on to editing the images I had originally intended to do so.

norms colour intense linear
Tried out this image with a few different blend options to see which looked best
Used white logos as well as black logos, the white seems to stand out more but the black ones look less photoshopped

fefefe 3 messsy divide norms colour intense funky stripey3 stripey2 stripey one

I experimented with my editing techniques for different styles of outcomes, but I one addition I needed to make to all the edits. Inserting the Love Arts logo onto the balloons, this was one of the main things I had defined in my original plan for the design. In some cases this was quite challenging and time consuming due to the angles and amount of balloons. To achieve this I used the different ‘Transform’ functions available on Photoshop, most frequently; Distort, Perspective and Warp, each logo needing a different process.

Of all these edits below are my favourites, the more abstract edits are much more visually engaging but I am worried they are too much for a cover design especially as in the striped one the Logo is lost. Added clouds in these images to assist in the compositions, in the blue empty space the balloons felt a bit lost. I have sent them to Graham so am waiting for another opinion. I will also show them at a group crit so I can finalise which image is the strongest as a cover.
2loves2cloudswith clouds

Balloon Photoshoot – Love Arts Cover Design

Helium, balloon sizer to help blow balloons to same size and not over fill, heart shaped balloons, fishing wire and red ribbon
Canon 5D, camera for the shoot
Canon 5D, camera for the shoot


I stated in a previous post  that once my helium had arrived I would fill on of the heart balloons to go and do some test shots at different locations. The helium arrived this Thursday as expected and luckily it was a beautiful day. So I rushed off the do the test shots. I had four locations in mind, Hartley Crescent Park, Woodhouse Moore/Hyde Park, the park between St Marks Rd and Woodhouse St as well as from the top back bedroom window in my house – if worse came to worse. These are all locations that are on a hill, of varying degrees, hopefully enabling me to get the shot I wanted of the balloons without any visual interference from the ground. I knew that because it was a really sunny day that I would also have people sitting around enjoying the sun to contend with, perhaps meaning I wouldn’t be able to get the right angle on the balloon. I decided my first location would be Hartley Crescent Park as it is quite small and in a quiet spot so there was likely to be less members of the public there than somewhere like Woodhouse Moore/Hyde Park. Continue reading Balloon Photoshoot – Love Arts Cover Design

Live Crit and CCA workshop

Jumped on opportunity to get lots of different opinions from the two tutors and a wider selection of students.

Interactive bin ideas went down really well, was told the target bin looked like a flower, I think the point of the wings being to stop the recyclables missing the bin was missed as I was told to consider people missing and how it would effect the design, this clearly needs development. Suggestions were to consider how the bins could be used as a game – idea of using Connect4 as inspiration for a bin. In the afternoon workshop I asked for some other suggestions for games to turn into bins, things like the penny slot machines were mentioned so I am going to do some more research to see how this might be achievable. I did not get much suitable feedback for the summary and description that I am required to submit with the project as the versions I have at the moment are really set up for the previous visual work I was doing.

Also showed my Love Arts cover designs, balloon idea was really liked, especially the development into a potential festival event. So need to get cracking with ordering balloons. I am not sure about the suggestion to contact the Love Arts organisers to ask for funding for getting the logo printed on to the balloons, as the brief is kind of a competition and they haven’t selected my design yet.

Feeling pretty positive after this crit, there is a lot of work to do in a short space of time but I am much more confident about this direction for this CCA brief.

Love Arts Cover Design Brief Initial Ideas

Love Arts Cover Brief: Leeds College of Art, Visual Communication students

 The task:

To design the cover of the festival programme for Love Arts Leeds 2015


Love Arts Leeds is an annual festival around creativity and mental health. This year it takes place in Leeds in October. There will be around 40 events, including: art exhibitions; gigs; theatre performances; arts workshops; talks; film showings; awards ceremony; and more.

Around 2-3000 copies of the Festival Programme will be printed and the information will be available online. The cover must be eye-catching and bold. The image used must also be used on the website.

Your submission should be of 1) A main image 2) A festival programme cover incorporating your image.

Image Details

The image can reflect the theme of mental health and creativity. Previous images have used the heart motif which is in the logo of the festival (see attached). There is no stipulation of media: use photography, illustration, painting, whatever you like.

(Tip: try to avoid being too literal about the idea of ‘mental illness’. Think about the fact that we all have ‘mental health’, just as we all have ‘physical health’, whether good or poor. Think about the idea that arts can help improve well-being.)

Cover Details

The cover should include a main image with text:

Love Arts Leeds 2015

A festival of creativity and mental health

7th – 21st October 2015

You should also include the logo.


Please submit your design by 01 MAY 2015 (Marianne to confirm submission arrangements)

Please submit your main image and programme cover as separate files.

LA watermark 3

A very graphic design, I used the circles as a representation of everybody’s mental health, as everybody has mental health. These overlap because there will be similarities and differences between everyone and we have the capability to have positive effects on others. There is potential to play around with the pattern of the circles to come up with different designs. I have ideas on how I would like to develop this – asking people to draw their mental health and then I would select circles from to use instead of block colour.

Balloons no white Balloons

This design more of a mock up as the idea behind it would be to actually get a load of heart balloons and release them, therefore I would have my own photography. Further thinking on that would be to organise it as a bit of an event, individuals each realising a balloon, perhaps with a message or drawing on relating to their personal mental health/how they depict mental health.