Live Module

Having been briefed on the live module I have done mind-mapped to get my initial thoughts out and about.

Initial Mindmap
First Mind-map

I am excited about the prospect of the Live brief because I know I need to get my confidence back, moving from Fine Art to VisCom was only half the journey, and try to define to myself and others what my practice is, at the moment I know I enjoy working through my camera and computer and definitely feel Digital technologies are my strong point, but would like more definition for myself in terms of the processes I use. Whilst making the mind map above I was really trying to consider all my options, using e-studio to make myself aware of competitions and opportunities that I might be interested in and that I could take on as briefs for this project.

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Finally, think I might be on to something.

It's not surprising some students live off takeaways with the amount of menus that come through the door!
It’s not surprising some students live off takeaways with the amount of menus that come through the door!

In making and watching the stop-motion with the contents of our recycling bin, it was very obvious to me that the majority of it was made up by take away containers and boxes. I then began noticing the array of different eating habits people had in my house. These spanned from preparing and cooking each meal, to ordering takeaways and eating microwave meals everyday of the week. Investigating why this might be I learnt that one of my house mates has very little cooking skills or knowledge. This contrasts with my own attitude to being in the kitchen, I really enjoy cooking and as a child took part in cooking lessons and then later studied Food Technology at GCSE.

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I do love a good stop-motion!


Having struggled with what my online research was turning up. I began looking closer to home for inspiration. Recently I implemented recycling into my new student house – I was surprised at how quickly the bin filled up, even after we were recycling, both were still filled to the brim within a matter of days. Waste is the forgotten consequence of food, chosen to be unseen. The way we see waste is integral to the way society deals with it. I feel there is an element of the idea of recycling to reduce environmental impact falling on deaf ears, the movement started in the 1960s – at the same time as the universal symbol for recycling being designed by Gary Anderson – and we’re still going on about it. Our habits still need to change. There is a lot of buzz about food wastage as well at the moment. More than half the 7 million tonnes of food waste we in the UK throw away each year could have been eaten and amount of food thrown away costs the average family, with children, £60 a month.

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