Shopping List
Shopping List

Wrote myself a shopping list, using BBC Good Food recipes for Burgers and Wedges, Curry, Sweet and Sour and Pizza as inspiration. These were the takeaways I originally ordered, I think this is a good starting point for some recipes. I do not plan on following the recipes from BBC Good Food, using them as inspiration to write my own instructions, for example their recipe includes making the burgers but I know that a bare minimum of students would even consider this. But the website is a good source of information for me to use as guidance, then translate into a more student friendly format.

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Taking pictures of Takeaways

On Sunday night I set about ordering takeaways so that I could photograph the meals to create my comparison images. It also was an opportunity to get some information about how long it takes for a takeaway to arrive and therefore help me get an idea for my race. I took 4 of the most popular 8 takeaway cuisines on the popular ordering site Just-Eat, which advertises in prime time slots like between X-Factor on Saturdays and Sundays and ordered a meal from three different takeaways all with in a mile radius of my house. Sunday nights being one of the busiest of the week.

First to arrive was the burger and pizza ordered from MahMoods.

Delivery time: 23mins

Cost: £3.89 for burger meal, £5.79 for pizza.

MahMoods' Quarter Pounder with Cheese
MahMoods’ Quarter Pounder with Cheese

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Finally, think I might be on to something.

It's not surprising some students live off takeaways with the amount of menus that come through the door!
It’s not surprising some students live off takeaways with the amount of menus that come through the door!

In making and watching the stop-motion with the contents of our recycling bin, it was very obvious to me that the majority of it was made up by take away containers and boxes. I then began noticing the array of different eating habits people had in my house. These spanned from preparing and cooking each meal, to ordering takeaways and eating microwave meals everyday of the week. Investigating why this might be I learnt that one of my house mates has very little cooking skills or knowledge. This contrasts with my own attitude to being in the kitchen, I really enjoy cooking and as a child took part in cooking lessons and then later studied Food Technology at GCSE.

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