Dinner Time at Quarry Mount Terrace

I thought it would be a simple and interesting experiment to capture what went on in my student kitchen. I was made aware of this camera and firmware that the university photography studio have that can be set up to capture time lapse photography. I was please about this because I had previously discounted this form of photography because I myself didn’t have the technology to do it.

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I do love a good stop-motion!


Having struggled with what my online research was turning up. I began looking closer to home for inspiration. Recently I implemented recycling into my new student house – I was surprised at how quickly the bin filled up, even after we were recycling, both were still filled to the brim within a matter of days. Waste is the forgotten consequence of food, chosen to be unseen. The way we see waste is integral to the way society deals with it. I feel there is an element of the idea of recycling to reduce environmental impact falling on deaf ears, the movement started in the 1960s – at the same time as the universal symbol for recycling being designed by Gary Anderson – and we’re still going on about it. Our habits still need to change. There is a lot of buzz about food wastage as well at the moment. More than half the 7 million tonnes of food waste we in the UK throw away each year could have been eaten and amount of food thrown away costs the average family, with children, £60 a month.

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