Recipe Card Crit

Produced one of the recipe cards for a crit, because I knew they would all fit the same format with slight changes dependent on the different amounts of text involved in the recipes and the different ‘top tips’ I was providing.

Recipe in text box
Recipe in text box

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Having written out my own recipes for each meal I then set about following them and cooking each meal.

Before I began cooking the meals I set up the shoot space so that everything was ready to go as soon as the meals were done. I did this on advice from the BBC Good Food and the Digital Photography School websites, where they both say to act quickly when photographing food as things like meat can dry out and herbs can start to wilt (although I did not use any garnish because that does not cater to my audience). They all say it can be helpful to have oil to brush on meat or a spray bottle with water in to counteract the affects of studio lighting. I managed using the room light and carefully placed desk lamps which do not produce as much heat as professional studio lighting does so this wasn’t a measure I felt I had to take. I also took a series of test shots with empty plates to check the lighting and exposure and make sure the camera was set up appropriately.

Pizza Test Shot
Pizza Test Shot

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Dinner Time at Quarry Mount Terrace

I thought it would be a simple and interesting experiment to capture what went on in my student kitchen. I was made aware of this camera and firmware that the university photography studio have that can be set up to capture time lapse photography. I was please about this because I had previously discounted this form of photography because I myself didn’t have the technology to do it.

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VisLit – Task 2 – Reading List